The internet is a wonderful place to learn how to do things.

But in the next few months, it could be a different story.

That’s because it’s a new frontier for many of us, and it’s one that’s bound to be dominated by big pharma and pharma giants like Abbott Laboratories, which have already begun ramping up their own presence on Reddit.

“Pharmacies are still the biggest business in the country, and if we’re going to take that to the next level, we have to go beyond what’s happening in other industries,” says Alex Henn, founder of the pharmacy education startup PharmacyTutor.

Henn is also one of the founders of the Reddit Pharmacy Tech Summit.

That conference, which is being held this week in Denver, features over 40 industry leaders who are discussing the best ways to improve their business practices and get better data from the internet.

“The internet has allowed for people to communicate, but it also allows for some of the most valuable resources to be created by people that otherwise might not have existed,” Henn says.

Hern says the community of pharmacy techies is just as diverse as the tech community.

He’s seen people who are looking to improve efficiency in their businesses, or make a change to how they run their businesses.

And they are looking for people who can help them get there.

“It’s been very interesting to see a mix of people who have been doing this for years coming together,” Hern says.

Some of the more prominent tech companies that have attended the summit include Reddit, Uber, Google, Spotify, Etsy, and others.

The pharma industry is also participating.

Henn believes that’s the most encouraging sign of the future.

“This is going to be a very vibrant and diverse community of people that are passionate about the industry and are looking at how they can help themselves and their community,” he says.

The Reddit pharmacy tech summit is happening this week, which means you can sign up to attend, as well as get your hands on some tips and tricks to help you improve your business and save money.