A dorm room that you would otherwise be tempted to share with your friends and family is no longer a safe place to be.

In a report released by a government agency, the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) has recommended that dorms should be fitted with cameras and cameras that can be switched off if the owner wishes.

In the report, the department said that cameras and sensors can help in identifying when a dorm is being used for “illegal purposes” and that such an event can be detected by the devices.

It also suggested that it is possible to turn off cameras and to replace them with new ones.

The government said that dorm rooms should be equipped with cameras to identify the presence of criminals and to monitor for people who might be “dishonest”.

The move comes in the wake of reports of people being found sleeping in the dorms, sleeping in their beds and not taking their medication.

Deity has also suggested installing security cameras in dorm rooms.

It has also advised residents to monitor social media for signs of “unusual behaviour”.

“If a student enters the room for the purpose of sleeping, there should be CCTV cameras in the room,” the department has said.

“A security camera should be installed in the entrance corridor and the other entrance to the room.

Deit Y said that “dorm rooms” should also have CCTV cameras to keep track of “illegal uses”.””

There should be a lock on the door, and it should be locked for one hour after the time of entry.”

Deit Y said that “dorm rooms” should also have CCTV cameras to keep track of “illegal uses”.

“Dorm rooms should have CCTV camera that is switched off after 24 hours,” the report said.

Deidy has recommended the installation of CCTV cameras “after 24 hours” if the owners wish.

The move comes amid mounting concerns over dorms being used as illegal sleeping spaces.

In September, it was reported that more than 400 students had been found sleeping at a private school in the state of Maharashtra.

The students were allegedly sleeping in dorms that were being used to house students who were being “deliberately misled”.

In October, a student was found dead at a school in Maharashtra.

In March, a 16-year-old student was allegedly gang-raped at a college in Maharashtra and was found to have been raped twice.