By JOHN ROBERTSON, Associated Press AUSTIN (AP) A Florida pharmacy technician was fired last month after a company said he told customers the company’s new technology could help diagnose and treat heart disease.

In response, Lee’s Pharmacy said Friday that the company was investigating the matter and would be responding “in due course.”

It’s unclear whether the incident at the company is connected to the company, which has become known as a hub for cutting-edge medicine in the nation’s fast-growing pharmacy industry.

A spokeswoman for the company said Friday the allegations are “without merit” and said the allegations were brought to Lee’s’ attention last month.

Lee’s was one of the first to get the technology from the Massachusetts-based company Thermo Fisher Scientific, a Massachusetts-headquartered company that is also known for producing a heart-monitoring device for hospitals.

It’s not clear if the company has since used the technology to treat patients.

Lee and Thermo are now using the technology in more than 200 other U.S. pharmacies, including the Florida stores where Lee was fired.

Thermo has also made some of the most recent developments at Lee’s.

Lee is the third Thermo employee to lose his job this year.

Last month, Lee was let go after a customer complained about his work and a company investigation.