Pharmacies, hospitals, and other health care providers are scrambling to get more generic drugs on the market in an effort to ease the pain of people with chronic health conditions.

But there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re buying generic drugs online, or from your doctor’s office: 1.

They’re cheaper to purchase online.

There are several online drug stores that carry the generic version of an existing medication.

But that’s not a guarantee that the generic will be as effective.

There’s also a lot of variability between the generic versions.

Some medications can be more effective than others, and the generic won’t always be as good as the original.

So if you buy generic medication, be sure to look at the label to see if it contains the same active ingredient as the brand.

Some generics have side effects, and some brands may contain unwanted ingredients, too.


They have to be cheaper to get online.

Most generic drugs are more expensive than their brand-name counterparts.

There is a cost associated with getting a generic.

The generic may have a slightly lower cost to purchase, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually be able to get a better product at a cheaper price.

That’s because generic drugs may not be available in all areas of the country.

So be sure that you can find a good price if you need it. 3.

They can take a while to arrive.

Some drugs have a longer delay than others.

If you need a generic, you can wait for it to be ready, but if you wait too long you may find that the brand is no longer available.

Some generic medications are more costly than others because they require more testing, more testing to get results, and so on.

That means that the drug may not always be available at a great price.


You can’t get the same drug online.

Sometimes a drug may be unavailable at the time that you purchase it online, even if you’ve already purchased the brand- name version.

So make sure that the label on the package of the generic is clear that the product is the same as the one you bought, or it may be harder to find the generic.

Also, remember that some brands are sold by pharmacies, which can also be a source of counterfeit versions.

If your health care provider is not accepting your prescription, you may want to check with the pharmacy or the hospital where you’ll be taking your medication.

You should also be aware that some health care plans do not allow you to get an insurance plan to buy generic medications, so if you can’t find the exact generic you want, you should contact your insurance company.