Benzer has added bitcoin as a payment method for its pharmacy services, saying that its new business model allows for it to accept bitcoin payments.

Benzer CEO Jonathan Zweifel confirmed to CoinDesk that his company has launched a bitcoin payment option in its pharmacies, adding that the company has not yet made any money out of bitcoin.

“We want to continue our growth in the industry and we want to attract more businesses to our platform,” Zweiffel said.

“The bitcoin market is a great platform for our business model.”

Benzer’s new business will be able to accept payments from bitcoin in the form of “premium” currency or “free” currency, according to the company.

The company said that it has “always had a partnership with the European Union” and that it had always been “aware of the bitcoin market”.

Benzer is the first of several bitcoin-based pharmacies to open in Europe, which has seen a significant spike in demand for its services.

In the past few months, Benzer said it has seen an increase in bitcoin transactions in Europe and that bitcoin was now the most used payment method in the country.

The startup said that the first batch of its pharmacy’s bitcoin payments will begin to be processed on April 3.

Zweiffels comments come after a number of bitcoin-focused businesses have started accepting bitcoin.

Last week, Paypal announced it would begin accepting bitcoin payments from May 1, with a goal of allowing up to 10,000 merchants to accept it in a matter of weeks.

In addition to the Benzer announcement, Benzo CEO Alex Jokich said he expects his company to be one of the first to accept payment in bitcoin by the end of the year.

“It is a very big moment for the industry, it is a major step forward,” Jokic said.

“The idea is that Benzer is one of those businesses that can get the business in the bitcoin world and the bitcoin-friendly environment, and then be able offer their services on that platform, to the benefit of all their customers.”

“The business model will allow us to get bitcoin for a very low price, and I am confident that Benzers success in the market will make it easier for other bitcoin businesses to open their doors and start accepting bitcoin.”

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