Auckland’s Eagle Pharmacies has been named the 2017 Pharmacy Keeper of the Year.

The award is given to the pharmacy’s customers and the company, which has been on a mission to keep the company on the cutting edge of pharmacy technology.

The awards are given out every three years.

The winners were announced on Monday at the annual Pharmacy Week in Auckland.

“The recognition is a recognition of the Eagle Pharmacists commitment to delivering the best pharmacy care in the world and for our customers and colleagues,” said Peter Geddes, the company’s CEO.

“The recognition of our outstanding performance is also a recognition that the Eagle community is truly one of a kind.”

The company has been a leader in innovation and innovation has been driving Eagle Pharmans growth.

“We are thrilled to be recognised by the Pharmacy Guild as Pharmacykeeper of the year.

It is great to see a pharmacy with such a strong reputation in New Zealand,” said John Gedds, the president of the Guild.

“We are confident the Eagles future is bright.”

The Pharmacy guild is a body representing more than 300,000 people in New England and New Zealand, and the Eagle’s membership has grown to nearly 60,000.

The Guild’s executive board voted unanimously for the pharmacy to be nominated for the award.