If you’re a pharmacist, you may have heard about a national campaign, “Save on Pharmacist Salaries” that aims to raise awareness about the plight of the profession.

But what exactly is it?

What is the ‘Save on Pharmacist Salary’ campaign?

The campaign aims to save as much as possible from pharmacy workers’ salaries by providing free medication to pharmacy students.

The initiative, started by an Indian pharmacy student, aims to boost the livelihoods of thousands of Indian pharmacy students who study pharmacology and pharmacy education in the US.

In 2018, the pharmacist union in India’s eastern state of Bihar had proposed a proposal to increase pharmacy teacher salaries by 10% in order to provide a ‘living wage’ to the profession’s workforce.

But the proposal was rejected by the BJP-led government in Bihar, which in turn banned it from becoming a national movement.

What do we need to do to save money?

It’s worth mentioning that while it may seem a simple solution, the idea behind the Save on Pharmacy Salaries campaign has its origins in the healthcare sector.

Pharmacists are the frontline medical personnel in healthcare.

As the nation’s largest healthcare providers, they provide healthcare to the masses, including the elderly, the disabled, and those who are critically ill.

In order to increase the healthcare services of their employees, pharmaceutical companies need to save up to 10% of their salaries.

This savings can then be put towards the purchase of healthcare devices, devices for the elderly and people with disabilities.

The pharmacist unions, however, do not see the need for a salary increase.

In fact, the Save-On-Pharmacist-Salary campaign aims at saving as much money as possible to pharmacy teachers by providing them with free medication.

The scheme is also a reflection of the fact that pharmacists are the first responders to emergency situations.

This means that pharmacist salaries are an integral part of their daily lives.

The pharmacist students in the campaign are not the only ones who have launched a campaign on this issue.

The Save-on-Pharma-Salaries campaign is being shared on social media platforms by students from different parts of India.

According to Dr. Rajesh, who heads the Centre for Pharmacy Education in Bengaluru, the aim of the Save On Pharmacist-salary campaign is to empower the pharmacists in India and spread awareness about their plight.

“The pharmacists are a crucial part of our society and it is our duty to take care of them,” he told The Hindu.

“They are the backbone of our community and it’s our duty as citizens to protect them.”