You probably already know what it is: a “ardor” or “armored” helmet.

And you probably know what they are supposed to do with it: make a noise, scare the living daylights out of the crowd.

But is there any other way to pronounce the name?

The answer is no.

Ardor is pronounced as an “a” in Italian, but the official pronunciation for the name is different:Ardore.

That’s because it comes from the Latin word ardōre, which means “to protect” or the protection of something.

So when you say “Ardor” in Italy, you’re not referring to a helmet but to the body of a person or a house.

And yes, Ardor is also a common name for the mountain range in Italy that is part of the Alps.

The Alps are not exactly “Ardors” in that it is the northernmost point on earth, but that’s just another coincidence.

Ardor is not a mountain, and not a single mountain has ever been named after it.