Walmart is offering a free 30-minute consultation with a doctor for a pharmacy technician, Walmart said in a statement. 

The offer, which comes in the form of a coupon, is valid through Dec. 16. 

Walmart’s online pharmacy service also provides a free consultation with medical professionals. 

More: WalMart pharmacy hours: The retailer’s online store also provides one free consultation for physicians with a pharmacy, Walmart says. 

Dr. Jeffrey J. Leach, chief medical officer of Walmart’s pharmacy division, said in the statement that Walmart is the only pharmacy company to offer such a program. 

“The goal is to educate our customers about the benefits of working at Walmart and help them better plan for their future,” Leach said. 

A Walmart spokesman said that the offer is not a promotion and that customers are free to use the doctor’s advice. 

 The Walgreens offer is limited to those who work at the company’s pharmacies, but the company says it’s also available to people who work in other stores, as well. 

If you’re looking for a prescription or doctor appointment in the near future, the offer also gives you access to a free pharmacy consultation with your doctor. 

This is the second Walmart pharmacy discount in less than a week. 

On Wednesday, the company announced that it would be offering a pharmacy discount of 10 percent on its pharmacy and health benefits plans through Dec 18. 

In addition to offering a discount, the pharmacy offer also includes a coupon for an annual health savings of $100 to $300, a free 10-minute visit with a health care professional, and a discount on an annual wellness exam.