Pharmacies like Meijers Pharmacy and Ulta Pharmacy, which are both in suburban Atlanta, have seen their sales plummet due to drug shortages.

Meijer has seen a drop in orders since the election, and Ultas Pharmacy’s sales have declined too.

“The lack of access to medicine has been a problem for many people,” Meijerkop told ABC News.

We are trying to keep as many people as possible in our community,” he said.

Ulta says it has seen sales drop by 60 percent, and Meijerr’s shares have dropped by 70 percent.

This is a big deal for consumers.

I think it’s really important that people who are at home and want to make purchases at home can, and we’re working hard to address that,” Mejerr said.”

We want to keep our community healthy and happy and the more people we can reach, the better for everyone.”

This election has left many Americans with fewer options when it comes to getting their prescription medicines.

In the past year, more and more pharmacies have closed their doors, with Meijercs pharmacy being one of them.

The Trump administration has put a moratorium on the drug shortages and has asked the Food and Drug Administration to consider issuing a temporary moratorium on those restrictions, which would keep some of the drugs from going into the market.