The Fresno City Council voted Monday to designate a Walmart pharmacy as a Safeway pharmacy and allow its owner, Manuel Mariano, to start operating there.

The City Council also approved an ordinance that requires the new pharmacy to provide its own food.

The council also voted to provide a $100,000 grant for the pharmacy’s development and construction.

This was the first time a local pharmacy was designated a Safewise pharmacy, according to Mariano.

The company plans to be open in 2019, but is waiting for the City Council to approve a Safesource agreement with the city.

“The city is taking steps to make Fresno a Safewaysource community and that is very important,” Mariano said.

“The community is behind me and that’s what I’m going to do.

We want to be part of Fresno and Fresno is going to be a Safestource city.”

In November, Mariano’s store in the 500 block of North Walnut Street was the target of a shooting at which one of his employees was killed and another injured.

Police say that gunman fired at the store’s door, hitting two other employees before being shot by an off-duty Fresno Police officer.

Police have said Mariano fired at least 10 shots, but did not fire a weapon during the attack.

The shooting, which left the victim with multiple gunshot wounds, prompted protests, vandalism and looting in the area.