Pharmacy and community pharmacy are among a handful of professions that are receiving special dispensation from the government, including medical staff, public health officials, and police.

A special dispension is granted for public health reasons and to allow doctors to treat patients who have been unable to get treatment because of the pandemic, and for police to treat civilians who are ill.

This dispensation has not yet been officially announced by the government.

The announcement was made in a joint press conference with the Chief of Police and the Director of Public Health on Monday.

There are currently about 5,000 pharmacies in the country, according to the Israeli government, with many of them in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

For all its success in the health sector, the Israeli health system is also facing a crisis of shortages of basic necessities.

In an attempt to alleviate the crisis, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced in March that pharmacies will receive a special dispenser to allow them to continue serving the public and police for as long as necessary.

However, the government has yet to confirm this dispensation.

Health Minister Yaakov Peri told Channel 2 News on Sunday that the dispensation was only given to doctors, nurses, and medical staff in the emergency departments.

“We are looking for a number of different options, but they have to take priority and we will consider all of them,” Peri said.

According to a survey by the Public Health Ministry last week, there are only 1,000 registered pharmacies in Israel.

The public health ministry also said that there are approximately 9,500 public hospitals that do not have sufficient medical personnel.

While the dispensations will be limited to a specific health issue, the Health Ministry said that the government is also providing other special dispensations to help combat a variety of other problems.

During the press conference, Peri called on citizens to continue using the dispensing service.

“We’re not asking for a special mandate, but for citizens to use the dispensers to provide us with essential products,” he said.