A giant eagle is a delivery truck that can carry thousands of pounds of drugs.

It’s the size of a small house, so its not a good idea to walk up and down the street with one.

But that’s exactly what the delivery truck is designed to do.

The truck will be the only vehicle in Atlanta to use drones to deliver drugs from a pharmacy to a customer, in a way that’s even more convenient than walking in the streets with a prescription.

The truck can be configured with sensors to track customers’ locations and directions, and even make sure the delivery is on time.

The giant eagle has been used for similar tasks in Chicago, Austin, and Boston, but the Atlanta company is the first to use the delivery drone to deliver medications to the general public.

The giant eagle truck is one of three delivery trucks that the company is developing in Atlanta.

The other three are a delivery van and a delivery drone.

The company has been testing its truck on the road in Atlanta, but it’s currently only on the west side of the city.

It’ll have a full rollout in Atlanta in two years, though, as the company plans to open up a distribution hub in Georgia.

To see the giant eagle, head over to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.