NEW DELHI: The city of Chandigarh has a new pharmacy, which is set to open by September.

Rite Aid, which opened in Chandigary a couple of years ago, is a joint venture between Humana Pharma and Tata Nano Pharma.

The pharmacy, a joint-venture between Tata Nano and Humana, has been set up in a residential area of Chandogarh’s Chandigaranh area.

Rite is one of the biggest pharma chains in the country and has been known for its high-quality, high-value products, especially in India.

In Chandigari, Rite Aid is one the largest pharmacy chains and is also a big chain in the US and Europe.

Rite’s flagship brand is its generic medicines, such as its Cetuximab, which it has been selling in the market since 2007.

In September, Rite was awarded the “Best Drug” award in the Indian Pharmacy Awards.

Its portfolio includes the generic Cetuzinib, Cetudyne, Tocotrienol, and others.