Pet pharmacy chains are making it easy for people to get their pets in and out of the house.

But a pet pharmacy chain that was founded in 2003 is now under fire for not only having a reputation for high prices but also failing to deliver on its promises.

Fox News Channel is reporting that PetSmart, a PetSmart franchise that has branches in California, Ohio and Nevada, was among the first chains to open in California last year.

PetSmart, which was founded by former PetSmart CEO and CEO Michael Lees in 2003, says its prices are reasonable.

But it’s been accused of misleading pet owners.

According to a Fox News article published Wednesday, PetSmart’s PetPass program allows pet owners to buy their pets for $100 in a matter of days and then pick up the animal from the store within a week.

The company says it is able to track the location of the pet and it is up to owners to determine if the pet is available for adoption.

But in a letter to a PetPass customer, a spokesperson for PetSmart said, “PetPass offers a comprehensive array of products to pet owners who are interested in pet care, including pet supplies, vaccines, and accessories.

We cannot guarantee that PetPass will deliver on any promises made to customers, including our pet pharmacy.

PetSmart is committed to providing a quality service to our customers, and we are committed to being responsive to customers who are concerned about their pet.

The PetPass PetCare program is an example of PetSmart doing what is right for our customers and we have a policy in place to protect our customers from fraudulent or abusive transactions.”

In response, PetHealth says it has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to abuse of its PetPass products and is committed in working with PetSmart to ensure its PetCare product is always available and working in compliance with PetPass guidelines.

PetHealth says the company has made some improvements in recent months.

It says it continues to educate PetSmart customers about PetPass’s PetCare products and PetPass offers additional programs for pet owners in its network.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for PetHealth said the company is working to provide a free online PetPass pet care program in partnership with PetSafe.

She did not comment on PetSmart specifically.

PetSafe also responded to Fox News by saying, “The PetPass Program is the only pet pharmacy program available to all pet owners, including those that have chosen to opt out of PetPass.”

“We are committed in providing an unparalleled pet health care experience to pet parents and veterinarians and we work with pet stores to offer the best care and support for pets,” said the statement.

Petsmart spokeswoman Erin C. Kiel said PetSmart was aware of the accusations in the Fox News story and that the company takes any complaints of fraudulent activity seriously.

She said the PetSafe program is not for PetPass owners, which are able to choose between two different PetPass pharmacy programs.

She also said PetSafe does not work with PetStore pharmacies.

PetMart’s PetSafe pet pharmacy is available in a number of states.

Kiel also said that PetHealth has a PetSafe website and the PetPass website does not offer PetSafe PetCare, which is PetHealth’s pet pharmacy service.