The following is a translation of the Lad Bible, an ancient Jewish text that was written in the 7th century BCE.

Biblical prophecy tells us that God will give His Son, Jesus, to bring the world to an end.

But when His Son is dead, there will be no more suffering, no more anger, no pain, no crying, no fear.

There will be nothing for the sorrow of the Father, nothing for His suffering, nothing that will bring salvation.

God will then come again to bring His children to a state of rest.

When that time comes, God will be at peace with His people and His angels.

Then, God’s peace will be restored, and the wrath of the world will cease.

This is a prophecy that is so well-known that it has become part of our daily routine.

But what exactly does this verse mean?

How does it apply to the modern day?

This verse is about the future and what we can expect.

For the rest of this article, I’m going to focus on what we know today: The death of Jesus Christ is imminent, God is sending His Son to fulfill the prophecy, and we have a choice: accept or reject the prophecies.


The Death of Jesus is An Accident When we read the prophecy of Isaiah, we realize that God is creating a new era.

For God will send His Son in the last days to redeem His people from the evil that was done to them by the false prophets.

God is coming.

The people will be saved.

God and His Messiah are about to be born.

But that is not all.

In this new era, God has a choice to make: accept the propheches of Isaiah or reject them?

If God rejects them, then we will see His wrath increase and He will send a great flood.

In other words, He will flood the earth, destroying cities and towns.

God’s wrath will come on us.

We will not be able to return.

We are destined to perish.

We can choose to accept God’s call, but if we don’t, then our fate will be decided in judgment.

God has a plan for the world and He has chosen to be merciful to His people.

In the coming era, He is going to send His beloved Son, the Messiah, to fulfill this plan.

When the Son comes, His Father will be glorified and His people will become like Him.

He will be a king who is going, not to destroy or enslave, but to redeem them.

But even before His arrival, He needs to be purified.

When He arrives, His mother will send him a letter from the Holy Spirit telling Him that God wants His Son’s blood for the purification of His people before He returns.

The letter will say that He has to drink the blood of the Lamb to cleanse His people, and it will be necessary to eat the flesh of the beast before His return.

That will be the final sacrifice for the sake of His disciples.

The Son will return to the Father’s house and take on His Father’s body.

God, the Father and the Holy Ghost will come to the disciples and bless them.

After all, the Son will be their Father.

They will become sons and daughters of God and they will inherit the Father in Heaven.

If they refuse to accept Jesus, they will be rejected forever.

But they can accept Him and He is their Savior.

If we accept the prophecy and follow the instructions of the Holy Bible, then God will allow His people to go to His tomb, to rest in peace and to become like His disciples forever.

In that way, the disciples will receive the Savior and they won’t need to make any other sacrifice.

We have to accept the Lord’s plan and keep our promises to Him.

This promise is a very important one because the Kingdom of God will not come until we obey the law of the Bible.

The law of God, which we are taught in the Scriptures, is that no one can become the King of the Jews until the Messiah comes and the Jews have obeyed God’s law.

Then the Kingdom will come.

We all know that.

God wants us to obey the laws of the Lord, so He sent His Son.

But our Lord wants us in the kingdom and wants us living the life of righteousness and holiness.

The only way we can fulfill His plans is to follow His example.

We must obey His law.

God made His Son for the salvation of all people.

The Jews were wicked, and God was at their feet.

So God sent His Messiah, the Lord of glory, to redeem the world.

But He was rejected by the Jews.

And God, who loves us, rejected the Son of God.

We know that because He is the Son, we must love Him and follow His teachings.

God loves us.

And He knows that we are the children of His Son