The Anti Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee are planning to hold a press conference on Tuesday to announce the formation of a new group, the National Council for the Advancement of White People, the two groups announced in a joint statement on Monday.

The Anti Racism Project, the anti-Trump campaign’s new group created in August, has also begun organizing rallies in cities across the country.

The groups announced the formation on Monday, with ADL President Jonathan Greenblatt saying: “The Trump administration has proven to be an unprecedented threat to the white majority in America, and it’s time we start fighting back.”

“Today, we’re announcing a plan to create a new national network that will bring together leaders from across the political spectrum to confront and end the Trump administration,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblade said in the statement.

“The goal of this network will be to create an anti-racist, pro-white coalition that will stand up for people of all backgrounds, fight for our shared values and build our future together.”

The statement added that the new organization will “fight against all forms of bigotry, racism, and anti-Semitism.”

ADL said it has been working with the ADL, the American Civil Liberties Union, and other groups on this plan for several months.

The new group is “building on the work that ADL has done in the past to challenge the Trump White House, and will continue to do so,” the statement said.

The group’s stated goal is to “fight to remove Donald Trump from office through the peaceful resolution of the divisive election that is currently underway in America.”

“We want to see this plan to take shape as we continue to fight the president and his agenda in all its forms,” Greenblat said.

“We hope the National People’s Council will join us in working toward this important goal.”

ADN has been criticized for its efforts to rally support for the Anti Racists Project.

Greenblast said in July that the ADN’s efforts were “a bit of a disaster.”

“ADN, along with the other far-left organizations and politicians, is a very anti-white, anti-Semitic organization, which is not an accident.

The president of ADN, Robert Jeffress, is Jewish, and they are also part of the Zionist Organization of America, which represents the Jewish interests in the United States,” Greenblast said at the time.

“If the ADI were a real person, they would be fired.

They’re a disgrace.

They are a disgrace.”

Greenblaste also said that the “main goal of the ADIs goal is the establishment of a Jewish state in the Middle East.”

ADLC President Jonathan Alter said the ADLS plan was a “historic mistake” and called on other Jewish organizations to join the group.

“What is important about this is that we are not just going to be joining them in a way that looks good on paper, but we are going to have a real and real fight against this, not just an attack on one particular group, but against the entire system of white supremacy and racism that exists in the U.S.,” Alter said in a statement.