The Arlington, Texas, pharmacy technician was named the first-ever recipient of the Humana Pharmacy Technician Certification by the American Pharmacists Association, a recognition of her hard work and dedication to her profession.

Dr. Joanne DeSantis, president of the association, says she was honored to receive the recognition from the association’s national board of directors.

“This is a great day for all of us at the association to recognize the extraordinary work of the Arlington Pharmacy Technicians,” DeSantsons said in a news release.

“The Arlington Pharmacists are recognized as professionals, who are working to save lives and improve the lives of others through their innovative and effective pharmacare program.”

DeSantis was joined in recognizing the pharmacy technician as the association awarded the certificate to the Arlington, TX, area pharmacy technician in January.

DeSantos said her certification is based on years of training and testing by her profession and the work she does to keep patients safe.

“I love working with my patients.

I love getting a smile on their face,” she said.

“I just don’t like being on the receiving end of an angry email or a bad call.”

De Santis said she has a long list of awards, including a national pharmacy technician title, a Meritorious Service Award and two other certifications.

She is the first Arlington pharmacy worker to receive a certificate from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.

The association also recognizes pharmacy technicians for their dedication to their profession and their commitment to the profession.

“These awards show our profession is valued in our community and we are proud to serve our community,” De Santis added.

The Arlington, VA, pharmacy technicians also received a recognition for their outstanding work in community service, including their leadership in the local community.

“Our pharmacy technicians have taken pride in serving our community, ensuring access to affordable medication for our patients and enhancing their lives through their service,” said Robert Schuster, chairman of the board of the American Academy of Pharmacists.

“Our pharmacy professionals are proud and honored to be recognized as the members of our profession.”

The Arlington pharmacy technicians are also the first group of the country to receive an award for pharmacy technicians in the United States.

The award is given annually to members of the nation’s largest pharmacare network.

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