The iPhone 5s is a new smartphone that looks great, has a great camera, and does a lot of things we’re excited about.

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The iPhone is a great example of a device that you can get your hands on for $19, but there are also a number of great apps and accessories out there to try out.

So, what’s your best iPhone 5 tip?

How can you get started with iPhone 5?


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How do you change your iPhone?

How do I change my wallpaper?

When you switch from iOS to OS X Yosemite, you can change your background to a dark color to match your iPhone’s display.

You can also choose to switch to a white or black background and set your wallpaper.

But how do I do that?

You can change the wallpaper with a command-line tool like ios-wallpaper or by navigating to Settings > General > Display & Lock.

You may also find the ios_wallpaper command in your Applications menu.

When you use that command, you’ll see a list of available options for changing your wallpaper, such as changing your background color, changing the wallpaper size, or changing the app icon.

But what if you want to change the default wallpaper?

You’ll need to change that wallpaper from your device’s default settings.

If your phone isn’t rooted, you might need to use the Terminal app to find the command.

If it’s rooted, it’ll be in the Applications menu, and you’ll find the Terminal command there.

To change your default wallpaper, just hit Command+Option+W.

If the command is the same as the one above, you’re done.

You should be able to find it in your terminal window.

To find the default iOS wallpaper, open the Settings app, and tap on System.

You’ll see the wallpaper section, and it should be under the General tab.

Tap on the Wallpaper tab, and then tap on Customize.

The wallpaper section should change to show your wallpaper you’ve chosen.

To add more wallpaper to your wallpaper list, tap on Add More and then select a wallpaper.

Here’s how to add more to your existing wallpaper.

For example, if you already have a lot in your iPhone gallery, you could add a couple of wallpapers to your gallery.

To start with, tap the Add More icon at the bottom of the list.

Once you tap Add More, your phone will open up a new window.

Tap Add More again, and this time, you should see a new screen with three options.

You have two options here.

You could tap Customize, and that will give you a list that’s populated with wallpapers you can add.

Or you could select the Advanced options to add new wallpapers.

In either case, you will see a screen like this.

You’re just going to tap Add more and you can either choose a wallpaper, or the Advanced option and select a wallpapers, and the wallpapers will be added.

To delete your wallpaper and then add it again, tap Delete.

You don’t have to change it back, but it will be deleted from your wallpapers list.

Here is how to remove a wallpaper: To delete a wallpaper that you’ve added: Go to Settings.

Tap General.

Tap Settings.

Select the General section, then tap Settings.

Go to Wallpaper.

Tap Delete.

Now that your wallpaper is gone, it’s time to add a new wallpaper.

To do this, go to Settings, then Tap General again, then select Wallpaper, then Add New Wallpaper at the top of the screen.

Select an existing wallpaper from the list and tap the add button.

Your wallpaper will be automatically added