When you’ve got a cold, your doctor may suggest you get a box of frozen meals to keep you warm.

And if you don’t feel comfortable eating these meals, there are many other options out there.

But they’re not exactly nutritious.

But then, they’re also not the best value, either.

That’s the dilemma faced by shoppers at Haggen, a specialty pharmacy in Indianapolis.

“We’re not going to stock those,” said Lori Smith, who has been a customer at Haggin for three years.

She’s seen some customers opt for the boxes, and she’s also heard from others who are just not happy with the quality of the food they’re getting.

She wants to know how to make sure her health is being protected.

“They’re not making it as nutritious as it needs to be.

They’re putting a lot of sugar in it, and they’re adding unnecessary ingredients,” Smith said.

Some of those added ingredients are actually dangerous.

“I have one customer who ordered a whole box of ‘ice cream’ that was just a little bit of a thick cookie,” Smith added.

And some of the ingredients were also made with artificial flavors.

“It was made with cocoa butter, it was made from cane sugar, and it’s all artificial ingredients,” she said.

Haggen is also selling frozen meals, and customers have complained about the quality.

One customer at the pharmacy has filed a complaint with the state of Indiana.

She said she bought the box of meal for her granddaughter, and the meal she got didn’t taste like anything she had ever eaten before.

“There was a lot more sugar, a lot less nutrition,” the customer said.

But the pharmacy’s owner is confident that she will not be penalized.

“The customer who complained was a very honest and conscientious customer,” said Kevin Schott, who owns Haggen.

“She told us that she had a friend that she trusted and that she was very concerned about the ingredients, and that we would not be able to serve her a meal she was not happy about,” he said.

He said the customer’s granddaughter has been receiving meals for a few months, and he is confident he will be able offer the meal again in the future.

But some customers aren’t so sure.

“These boxes are so much better than the ones that I’ve seen in stores,” one woman said.

And the other customer who spoke with NBC4 also said that the quality was not good.

“You’ve got all these artificial ingredients that are added in there and it doesn’t taste the way you want to eat,” the woman said, adding that the ingredients added in the boxes were not fresh.

“And then, you’ve added artificial flavors in there.

And that is just not what I like to eat, you know?” she said, explaining that she has never liked eating food that had sugar added.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about the merits of frozen dinners, don’t be.

Hagger is not the only specialty pharmacy that is trying to offer healthy food to its customers.

Many pharmacies in the city of Indianapolis also sell frozen meals.

And you can get frozen meals for just about any purpose, including grocery shopping.

“As long as it is nutritious, and safe, you’re welcome to go out and buy a box,” said Schott.