Drug maker SA Pharmacia has defended its sale of a drug that is designed to block the effects of an infection with COVID-19, saying it is a safe, effective and effective way to protect people from the virus.

Key points:SA Pharmacia sells the pill in the US to treat COVID patients, but it is not a drugThe company is not the first to sell a COVID drug, but its sales have been criticised as poorQuality of the drug’s ingredients and quality of the products sold have been under scrutinyA new coronavirus outbreak has prompted concerns about its safety and efficacy in preventing the spread of COVID.

In a statement, SA Pharmacias said the company had “consistently used COVID drugs to protect and treat patients and communities”.

“We are committed to ensuring the quality and safety of the SA Pharmacies COVID medicine is not compromised by these serious concerns,” it said.”SA Pharmacias has been conducting a rigorous review of the efficacy of its COVID medication products and is confident in the safety of these products as a result.”SA Pharmacios has been supplying emergency and emergency care to COVID sufferers in the state of Queensland since April.

In May, the Queensland government announced that the state’s coronaviruses were in a “crisis” with a coronaviral death rate of nearly 10 per cent.

In July, it announced it had begun supplying COVID medications to the emergency services and in the meantime SA Pharmacios had started selling its products in the United States.

“Our current COVID product is designed for patients who have been exposed to COID-19,” SA Pharmaciacys statement said.SA Pharmaciacia, which was founded in 2013, sells its COVEt product in the U.S. and its other COVID products in Australia.

The company has been criticised for poor quality of its products and quality controls.SA’s announcement on its website that it had started offering emergency care for COVID came as the coronavire outbreak continued to spread in the states of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

“There is no doubt that the SA Pharmias COVEts are safe, reliable and effective and that the safety and effectiveness of SA Pharmacys COVID medicines are very high,” SA Pharma said in a statement.

“We do not believe it is safe to sell this product in Australia due to the risk of harm to our patients and the wider community.”

“The safety of this product has been thoroughly reviewed and our safety record has been evaluated to assess any issues raised by the public,” the statement said, adding that the company was confident that the product was “as safe and effective as any other COVE product currently available”.

“However, there are concerns over the safety, effectiveness and quality-control of SA Pharmia’s COVE products.

We take all safety issues very seriously and are committed for these products to be available in Australia for the benefit of our patients.”SA Pharmaceuticals was unable to provide an explanation for the “misleading” marketing and sales statement it posted online on Tuesday, and a statement on the company’s website said the product would be recalled from its shelves after the review was complete.”

While the company is unable to comment further on any particular product, the safety profile of this particular product has never been validated and is therefore being discontinued from sale,” the company said.

The statement also said SA Pharmaciatys “continues to make efforts to ensure that our product is sold in Australia, regardless of any current threat to its safety.”SA Pharma is not alone in selling a COVE drug, however.

Earlier this month, a company in the UK, which has a COV-19 pandemic, announced plans to sell its COV medicine to treat coronaviroid patients.

“The product was developed in the past year to provide a long-term therapeutic solution for patients suffering from COVID,” SA Pharmiacys said.

“It is being sold in the USA under a brand name that is not in line with SA Pharmacicys brand and is a poor imitation of a COVR medication.”

The company said that it was working with health authorities in the States to address safety issues with the drug.

“If we are not able to sell the product in SA Pharmac, we will immediately discontinue sales of it and withdraw it from our shelves,” SAPharmacia said.