The best pharmacy in NSW is Sydney’s eastern CBD, according to a survey of 7,000 people. 

In a survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Sydney’s western CBD was the best pharmacy for taking your daily dose of generic pills. 

The survey found that CBD pharmacies were more likely to provide the best value for money and provide a wide range of pharmacy options, compared to the western CBD. 

A CBD pharmacy could offer a range of generic medications, including brand names, generic painkillers, cough drops and other complementary products. 

More importantly, the CBD pharmacy was more likely than the western side to have a full-service pharmacy that can dispense prescription medicines and other prescription drugs.

The study also found that the CBD was more affordable than the Western side.

The survey, which surveyed a sample of 751 people aged 18 years and over, found that while CBD pharmacies cost around $2,300 to $2:50 more than the other side of Sydney, the difference was negligible in the short term. 

“This is a pretty good indication of where the CBD is in the price comparison, and if you have to get to another CBD location, it’s worth it,” Dr Peter Friesen, director of the Centre for Pharmacy Studies at the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Pharmacy, said. 

Friesen also said the CBD pharmacies had higher profits compared to their Western counterparts. 

For example, the survey found CBD pharmacies collected $3,600 more in revenue than the CBD, and $3.20 more per day than their Western counterpart.

Dr Frieson said CBD pharmacies would benefit from greater competition, which would lower prices.

“This could potentially lower prices for some of the brands they’re trying to sell,” he said.

“It’s important to look at how the different parts of the CBD have been doing and look at what they’re doing to try and increase competition.”

Dr Fiesen said CBD pharmacy customers were more than willing to spend extra on drugs, and would not take advantage of cheaper alternatives.

“We think that the general public will look at CBD pharmacies as an attractive place to buy prescription drugs, especially in light of the recent changes to prescription drug pricing,” he added.

“But the CBD’s also going to have to look carefully at its pricing and look to ensure that its products are affordable for people to use, and that it’s also not an expensive place to visit.”

The study found CBD pharmacists were more willing to share their knowledge with other doctors, especially those in tertiary settings.

“Some of the pharmacy staff will know more about a brand of medication than a tertiary practitioner, so it’s important that there’s some sort of shared knowledge and the information is shared with the doctor,” Dr Friesa said.

“It would be helpful for other pharmacy staff to have access to that knowledge and be able to provide it to other clinicians.”

The survey also found CBD pharmacy staff were more educated about their job than their counterparts in other parts of Sydney.

The survey asked participants to list their level of education, and CBD pharmacy respondents were most likely to say they were in primary education, which ranged from 18 to 25 years old.

Dr Glyn Glynn, chief executive of the Australian Pharmacy Association, said the survey showed the CBD had the best pharmaceutical supply chain in Australia.

“When it comes to pharmacy, the most important thing is quality and safety and reliability of the supply chain,” he told ABC Radio Sydney.

“And the CBD has a very high quality pharmaceutical supply.”