Canadian pharmacy technician certification is proving to be one of the most lucrative career paths in the world.

The Canadian Pharmacy Technologist (CPT) program, which is administered by the College of Pharmacy, has been growing steadily for several years.

The program now has more than 3,000 graduates and about 10,000 apprentices.

According to the Canadian Pharmacopoeia Society, the CPT program has a $2.3 billion annual operating budget and employs about 11,000 people.

It is also a major employer for Canadians with pharmacy training, said Sarah Golliver, CEO of the CSSA.

The CPT certification was established in 2008.

It focuses on three specific areas: knowledge acquisition, training, and administration.

According the CSMA, the certification is available in all provinces and territories and can be applied to any type of pharmacy technician.

The certification requires an undergraduate degree, an undergraduate or post-graduate pharmacy program, a diploma from a pharmacy college or university and an associate degree.

Applicants must be registered pharmacists and be at least 25 years old by May 2019.

Applicants can only hold the CPTC certification for five years.