Auburn’s pharmacy has a new owner.

The Tigers are a team that hasn’t been seen for years.

They’ve been gone since the SEC merger, but now they’re back with a new manager and a new CEO.

That new owner will make changes for Auburn pharmacy.

It’s been an adjustment for the team that is currently on probation for its handling of a drug-related death.

But now, Auburn is looking to the future.

The new pharmacy manager has a team of five full-time employees, and they are expected to be up and running in the coming months.

They are not only responsible for the pharmacy, but also all the staff who manage the pharmacy’s supplies and services.

They’re also responsible for ensuring that all pharmacy supplies are stocked and accessible to all of the team.

The pharmacy will also be staffed with a pharmacy manager, who will be responsible for keeping track of all the pharmacy supplies and keeping them stocked.

Auburn will also hire a pharmacist and a pharmacy employee to assist in the pharmacy and pharmacy manager will help with patient care.

But what happens when the pharmacy is not staffed with employees?

Aubua hopes to have its pharmacy manager be able to work from home.

She said, “I have a plan to be able that I will have someone on-site for me at all times, as well as have an employee who will come in, come out and be a part of the pharmacy day to day.”

The pharmacy’s current staff includes five full time employees, three part time employees and one volunteer.

The current pharmacy manager and pharmacy worker will be replaced by a full-timer, who is expected to bring in a new perspective.

The pharmacist is expected have a background in pharmacy and will help to make the pharmacy as efficient as possible.

A number of the other pharmacy staff members will be working from home and will also receive a salary.

A new pharmacy worker is expected, as will a new pharmacy assistant.

The team will also have to find a new name for the hospital, because the pharmacy will be owned by the Auburn Medical Center.