By now, you’ve probably heard about the recent announcement from the Lees pharmacy chain that it’s planning to open a second location in Los Angeles, a location that would include a pharmacy, a pharmacy management office, and a grocery store.

As such, the news has sparked some excitement among consumers and business owners who are eager to try the new pharmacy.

Lees has already announced plans to open three new pharmacies in California by the end of the year, and there are currently plans to start a fourth store in Los Angles in the next few months.

Now, the company is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to open its second Los Angeles location, which would include both a pharmacy and a pharmacy manager office.

The company has already received a number of inquiries about whether it will open in the city of Los Angeles as well, but the company has said that it is working on a plan to address the issue in the future.

The company is currently looking at a variety of locations in the state of California and has previously said that its initial plans would be to open stores in all of California.

The Los Angeles store would be a standalone pharmacy that would operate as a general store, but Lees hopes to expand its reach by expanding its distribution.

The Los Angeles branch of the pharmacy would have a staff of about 200, and the pharmacy manager offices would also be able to offer pharmacy management services, as well as provide pharmacy-related sales.

A grocery store would also have a presence in the building.

The pharmacy would be located in the former space formerly occupied by a drugstore, but that store is now being converted into an office space, which Lees says will allow it to have the same amenities as a typical pharmacy.

There are several other details to consider in order to get the Leys Pharmacy to LA, including the location being built at 1410 Vine Street, which is located on a lot that’s currently occupied by the Boca Raton City Hall, a building that was the site of the former Boca Gardens Community Center, according to a listing on the site.

The current location of the Leies Pharmacy is located at the corner of Vine and Broadway, which currently has a parking lot.