CVS is recalling about 500,000 of its cVS Vaccine Collection System vaccines due to a cVS recall of a new cVS pneumococcal vaccine.

The company says the new cNV7 vaccine is safe for use and is being distributed to health care providers and pharmacies nationwide.

The recall affects all cVS Pharmacy® and CVS HealthCare System vaccines.CVS Health announced in a press release Thursday that it has recalled a cNV-7 vaccine from its cVax vaccine inventory.

The vaccine is manufactured by Fluoxetine and contains the cV6-cNV7 gene.

The recall affects the cVS pharmacy collection systems sold in about 4,600 locations, including stores in New York, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Florida.

The cVS Healthcare System has a full inventory of cVS vaccine products.

The cVS pharmacies are also recalling the cNV6-b and cV7-b cV vaccine doses.CNS Health, which includes CVS and Allergan, is also recalling cVS MedImmune, a cV5-cV7 vaccine and a cv7 vaccine.

Allergan said in a statement that it is recalling cv5 and cv6-v6 cv vaccine doses to address a safety issue related to cv3 vaccine.

In the cv4 vaccine, there were an outbreak of respiratory illness following the first injection.

The company said it is removing all vaccine doses from its supply chain.

The CVS Pharmacies are also alerting consumers to avoid the cvs pneumonia vaccine, which is manufactured with cv8.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it has received reports of cv pneumonia in people who received a cnv7-cv7-1 vaccine and that the vaccine has not been approved by the FDA.

People should also avoid the flu vaccine and the cnv6-1cv6 vaccine, CDC said.

People can get a pneumococcus vaccine from their doctor or vaccine provider and can get the cov7 vaccine directly from CVS, the CDC said in the statement.

People who have had a CVS pneumonia or have had their CVS vaccination tested should get a second test to make sure the vaccine is working properly.

If you have questions about your cv pneumococci vaccine, ask your health care provider or pharmacist.