Kroger announced today that it has opened up a new brand-new pharmacy at its Kroger Market in Seattle.

The new pharmacy, called Pharmacy Plus, will open in the fall of 2019 and will be the first in the country to offer a full-service pharmacy at a discount price point.

PharmacyPlus will be a full service pharmacy, meaning that all patients will be able to access the full range of pharmacy services including prescription medications, office supplies, health and beauty products, personal care, and more.

The pharmacy is designed to be the ideal place for patients to access all of the important services they need at a lower price point than the typical retail pharmacy.

The Pharmacy+ will offer a wide variety of health and wellness services at the lowest prices in the region and the city.

The new pharmacy will offer an expanded pharmacy range, including a full range, an assortment of health, beauty, and home products, as well as health and nutrition and specialty foods, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

The store will also offer a health, wellness, and wellness spa, with a variety of classes for customers to choose from.

The Kroger Pharmacy is the first pharmacy in the US to be opened at a Kroger location and is expected to be a catalyst for Kroger to open additional new pharmacies in the future.

Kroger’s brand is based on trust and commitment to helping customers feel more connected to their products and services, and Pharmacyplus will help Kroger achieve that goal.