Roma have been accused of ‘gross misjudgement’ after the Roma player of the year appeared to make a racist remark to an Italian fan on Twitter.

Sampdoria’s Romario Icardi posted a picture of a shirt emblazoned with the slogan “F*** Roma” to Instagram with the caption “Roma’s Romaro Icardio on Instagram with his shirt showing the words F*** Roma.

He must be a racist.”

He later deleted the post and apologised, but was quickly accused of making a racist comment by a number of Italian fans on Twitter, who said he should have asked for the shirt to be taken down.

The Roma player, who is of Albanian descent, said that was the first time he had ever heard such a word from a fan, and apologised on Twitter for his “wrong words.”

I thought I should have been more clear in my words.

It’s very painful.

I’m sorry to my teammates.

Roma’s Romari Icardia tweeted on Wednesday morning that he was sorry for his comments, which he described as “incorrect.”

“I want to apologise to everyone, and to the fans, who have been so shocked and shocked by my comments,” Icardí said.

“I made a mistake.

I apologise.”

The player has apologised for his words, which included the phrase “F** Roma”.

But the fans took to Twitter to say he should not have used the word.

“You should have told him that it was a racist slogan, not a joke,” tweeted Giancarlo Poggi.

“If you are not a racist, don’t make a big deal about it, it’s a racist phrase,” wrote Gianluca Marchetti.

“This is a mistake you made, you will not be a hero, a hero of Roma,” tweeted Paolo Sesto.

Roma won the Serie A title with the best record in Serie A last season, but failed to make the Champions League group stages in 2016.