The average cost of a generic prescription drug rose $1.42 in the first quarter, compared to a year ago, according to a report from Citi.

The report also showed that generic drugs are the most expensive type of medicine in the country.

The price of a typical generic drug rose to $2,085 in the second quarter, up $1,821 from a year earlier, according the report.

The average price of generics for a day was $1 for generics in the U.S., up $6 from a quarter earlier.

The generic drugs were also the most popular over the past year, up by more than $20 million, the report said.

The study, from research firm CB Insights, also showed generic prices were the highest in the nation in the third quarter, even though they were down $10.6 million from a week earlier.

Citi’s report also revealed that the number of generic drugs approved in the last 12 months jumped by 12.4% year over year, from 4,632 to 4,721.

In 2018, generic drug approvals for painkillers were up by 18.5%, and in 2017, generic painkiller approvals were up 26.5%.