Call a pharmacy to make sure you get a pharmacy discount on your prescriptions and prescriptions for other things.

If you need a new prescription for a medication or have a medication that you have not received, call your pharmacy and request that they give you a coupon for the drug.

Make sure to include your name, phone number and email address when you call the pharmacy.

If the pharmacist at the pharmacy does not have the coupon for your medication, you can fill out a form with the pharmacy and ask them to give you the coupon, which they will do.

You can also call your local health department and ask to be sent a copy of the form that you filled out with the pharmacy so that you can mail it in.

Some pharmacies may have a list of prescription drugs they will send you.

For example, they may have list of common medications and a list that lists a discount for a specific prescription drug.

You should be aware that some pharmacies may not have all of their prescriptions filled and may not always have the discount listed.

You also may have to send the prescription filled out to the pharmacy for review.

To check on your prescription status, call the health department at the address you provided when you made the request.